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Training for department members is an on going process. Firefighters are trained to the FireFighter II (FFII) level within two years of joining the department. To become FFII certified, one usually takes an in depth class which includes classroom and practical excercises. Afterwards, the firefighter must take several written tests and practical exams to become certified. The classes are usually taught at area departments by state certified instructors. The classes meet twice a week and two Saturdays a month for about six months.

EMT training consists of taking classes at a local department or at a community college. Included is class time, practical exercises, working in a hospital emergency room, and going on ride alongs with other department EMT's. One must pass a state certified exam to receive their licence. Sheridan currently has two levels of EMT's on staff: EMT-B and EMT-I.

The department hosts weekly training as well. On Tuesday nights starting at 6:30pm, department personnel meet for 2-3 hours to take refresher training. Additional training is held on some Saturdays throughout the year. In addition, members can take class at the state Fire College which is held twice a year. Training can also be taken at other departments throughout the area. NICOR also hosts training for area departments on natural gas fires

As part of the July 4th festivies, the department performs training which is open for the public to view. The picture above is from propane fire training taught by IFSI instructors which was open to the public. The following video is from extraction training the department put on for two different years.

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