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The department is involved with the community through several programs. Included on this page is the programs along with the decriptions of each.

Risk Watch

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Risk Watch is a program developed by the NFPA for children in grades K-3. The program helps teach children safety in the home as well as outside the home. For example, lessons included are:

The program is taught by the students teachers in the classroom. Books and materials are provided by the firefighters. The materials are paid for through the departments education fund. Money from the fund is collected from several fund raisers the firefighters have during the year. The firefighters also help the teachers with any questions they may have as well as visiting the classroom.

Remembering When

The Remembering When program is a national program where local fire departments visit senior citizens in their community and help them with keeping their home as fire safe as possible. Firefighters visit them initially to check smoke detectors and to inspect the home for any fire or escape hazzard. Afterwards, they are visited twice a year where the firefighters replace batteries in the smoke detectors and inspect the home again if the resident wishes. There is no cost to the home owner or taxpayer. Batteries for the detectors are paid for through the departments education fund. Money from the fund is collected from several fund raisers the firefighters have during the year.

So far, we have received praise in the community for offering this program. Two of the departments officiers have been asked to present our version of the program to several area departments and help them to start a program of their own. Our department was given praise from the state as well.

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Picture

Fire prevention week is held every year during the week which includes October 9th. The week commemorates the Great Chicago Fire. During this week, firefighters from the department will visit Sheridan Elementary School and will host a presentation for the children. Lessons taught are how to move around in a fire (low and crawl), feel the door before it is opened, how to react if their clothes are on fire (stop, drop, & roll). The firefighters also will do a demonstration of how we use our equipment during a fire. With the assisstance of local merchants, the children are given materials which explain what to do in certain situations. These usually consist of books, stickers, coloring books, etc. The children will also get to see our fire engine up close--always a favorite! Tours of the station for the children are also held.

EMS Week

EMS week is held in May of the year. Our department visits the local elementary schools during this week and interact with the students. Some of the highlights are letting the children see the ambulance, helping to teach them when and with whom to report a medical emergency, and let them know how we are going to respond.

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