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The Sheridan Fire Protection District is located in Sheridan, Illinois. We provide fire and EMS service for the town of Sheridan, the Sheridan Correctional Center, and rural areas around the town bounded roughly by 4375th road on the north, 2650th road on the east, US52 on the south, and the Fox River to the west. We also provide EMS service to the Serena Fire Protection District.

The department usually has about 30-35 members which include firefighters, Emt's, and cadets. Several members are cross trained as both. EMS calls typically out number fire calls by a 7 to 1 margin. The department operates two ILS ambulances and will transport to all local hospitals. Currently the department has 7 personnel trained as an EMT Basic, 3 personnel trained as an EMT Intermedic, and 3 personnel trained as an EMT Paramedic.

For the year 2018, the number of calls the department received was 442. Of which: 51 were for fire calls and 391 were for medical calls.

Department Runs For 2018 and 2017
Month 2018 Fire 2018 Ambulance 2017 Fire 2017 Ambulance
Total 51 391 39 375
January 4 42 3 33
February 4 30 6 33
March 8 32 3 20
April 2 30 2 28
May 4 38 7 23
June 4 30 2 32
July 3 29 4 34
August 4 46 2 34
September 5 31 4 39
October 2 27 0 34
November 4 26 4 26
December 7 30 2 39

Sheridan Fire Protection District Trustee Meetings

List are the meeting dates for calender year 2019, approved by the Sheridan Community Fire Protection District Trustees. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month unless otherwise posted starting at 7:00pm at the fire station.

January 3rd February 7th March 7th
April 4th May 2nd June 6th
July 3rd August 1st September 5th
October 3rd November 7th December 5th

Sheridan Fire Protection Board of Trustees

President: Robert Varnes
Secretary: Debbie Augsburg (Freedom of Information Act contact)
Member: Paul Brennan

The Sheridan Fire District recently received a $10,000 equipment grant from the Department of Natural Resources towards the purchase of new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Chief Tirevold is currently looking into the different units available. 12 new SCBA units should be purchased by the end of calendar year 2019.

The District Trustees approved the purchase of 30 New Minitor 6 Pagers to replace the Minitor 5 pagers. Also purchased were new Light weight Globe Fire Boots for members, these are to replace most of the older rubber ones with the Steel Toes. To show appreciation for the members time given to department, the Board of Trustees purchased new Winter Coats for all members who signed up for one.

Fire Boots Fire Boots Pager Coat Coat Coat

Chief Tirevold has donated his 1954 R160 4x4 Fire Truck back to the department. The truck was originally owned by International Harvestor, then donated to the Sheridan Fire Department back in 1978. Chief Tirevold restored the fire truck and has decided to give it back to the department after it was sold back in 1996. Chief Tirevold received the fire truck back in 2011 as a 50th birthday gift from his wife.

Old Fire Engine

Kyle Cook was honored for 20 years of dedicated service to Sheridan Fire Department. He received a get away package to Starved Rock Lodge presented by President Bob Varnes and Chief Kurt Tirevold.

Kyle Picture Kyle Picture Kyle Picture

Robert Varnes was presented gift certificates for different places from the Board of Trustees for 20 years of service to the Sheridan Fire District.

Varnes Picture Varnes Picture Varnes Picture

Additional Information

The department purchased 1200 feet of 2 inch hose.

2 inch hose

This is a Tank Lift, for H & M size oxygen tanks. It is a 24 volt system that will ease the heavy lifting of these tanks by staff when moving them and/or replacing them in the ambulance. This was purchased with a Illinois Public Risk Fund Grant of $1741.00.

Tank Picture Tank Picture Tank Picture

This 2006 Medtec was sent in to get refurbished for a price of $22,442.00. This included all new LED lighting inside, new Light bar, new floor inside, new high visibility reflective material on rear & sides of the ambulance, removing all exterior doors on the box to do body work, new paint, new hinges. This cost is much less than the purchase of a new ambulance. We should be able to get another 5-10 years from this rig

Foster Coach & Rock River Body did all the refurbishing

Ambulance side Picture Ambulance side Picture Ambulance rear Picture Ambulance inside Picture

This is a used oxygen cascade fill station for small oxygen bottles. This was purchased for $800 from the Homer Fire Protection District. This allows oxygen tanks to be filled in a safe secure manner instead of in the wide open.

Oxygen Fill Station

Grants received in 2010:

Grants received in 2011:

Grants received in 2012:

Grants received in 2014:

Grants received in 2015:

Donations for 2016:

Donations for 2017:

Donations for 2015:

Donations for 2014:

Donations for 2013:

Donations for 2011:

Donations for 2010:

The department recently purchased flashlights for use by firefighters. The firefighters now have a helmet mounted flashlight and a handheld flashlight.


The department recently purchased new rescue equipment. We purchased two hydraulic rams, mini cutter, ram kit, and two hoses. Now both ambulances have a full compliment of rescue tools. Pictures of the rescue equipment below:

Rescue tools Rescue tools Rescue tools

EMS week 2017 dates to be posted at a later time.

Fire Prevention Week for 2017 will be posted at a later time.

If you wish to be considered for membership of the department, call or stop by the station to talk to an officer. The officers are listed below.

Department Officers:

Chief: Kurt Tirevold (Freedom of Information Act contact)
Assistant Chief: Kyle Cook
Fire Captain: Pat Lynch
Fire Lieutenant: Oliver Blum
EMS Coordinator: Marla Hardyman

Association Officers:

President: Patrick Lynch
Vice President: Sarah Speerly
Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Brown

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